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Few Words

Our generation has seen many facets of time. History has been created, rewritten, world war, again nuclear treaties, conquering moon, black hole theory, epitome of inventions, and what not? But out of all these wonders, the invention of computer, has changed the world in every sphere of life.

The entire globe has been transformed to an e-village. Since 80 s, many so called MNCs has mushroomed and claimed to have trained millions, but surprisingly, none could reach rural India. We dare to serve rural talents and transform potential to performer.

We have seen tripling of world economy, rare recessions, Organizations in the process of cost control, have started recruiting ready to contribute and multi skilled manpower with specific skill set. Since 1995, Macroweb Technology has withstood the test of time. He who strives never perishes. We are growing with the passage of time. Had there been a university instead of KONARK TEMPLE, with the help of 1200 professors for 12 years, we would have been in a different civilization, perhaps! Nothing can substitute education!! When there is revolution in IT, all of us should explore this opportunity. If we cannot cross the river, at least we should learn to swim in the direction, it is flowing.

We assure our best services for your future endeavor to be an acclaimed IT Professional.

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