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A Computer Education & E - Service Unit | A Computer Education & E - Service Unit


Since inception in 1995 MACROWEB TECHNOLOGY is emerging into an innovative, unique and industry relevant IT training provider, Last decade has seen a sea change in IT. Many international brands have failed to penetrate rural markets depriving millions of rural talents. With a holistic approach, spectrum of programs, pedagogical excellence, quality delivery, career diagnosis, need oriented counseling etc., this learning temple promises skill enhancement in IT.


We strive to enhance the skills of rural talents in IT as a finishing school so that our satisfied trainees can be made ready to contribute for industry by being employed or self employed.


We sincerely strive to make MACROWEB TECHNOLOGY a model organization in Education & Training to produce acclaimed IT professionals. We provide ample opportunity for rural talents & disseminate quality education at an affordable price, so that they can make maximum out of it and contribute effectively to the national growth in any sphere they work.


India has already emerged as an important IT destination, globally. The amalgamation of resources like human, industry & technology has caused phenomenal growth. The reasons of the demand for Indian software professionals are due to intelligence, English language ability & IT proficiency. Again, advanced programs are available at a cheaper price I smaller township and travelling long distance is needless for advanced courses. This signifies that IT education ha reached every nook and corner. Software parks, E-Governance, E-Panchayat, IT kiskos, Kid’s education, etc., all speak volumes and self explanatory. Alvin Toffler has rightly said, ‘ The illiterate of 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write. “but those who cannot learn, unlearn & relearn.”