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Borrowed-Bowl.jpg Borrowed Bowel

“Borrowed Bowel is an innovative thought of Macroweb Technology. There are many geniuses across the globe whose creativities are amazingly, appreciable. We appreciate creativity.”

In order to avoid boredom one can visit Borrowed Bowl. We collect from various sources, appreciate and host it in our website to spread the message as recognition.

strang-blue_th.jpg Mogul Tamsa

“A big part of my life is to open mathematics to students everywhere. I'm very supportive of the whole idea of making these courses available to people around the world. Everyone has the capacity to learn mathematics, and if you can offer a little bit of guidance, the process of discovery is so valuable.”



About Macroweb

Since inception in 1995 Macroweb Technology has grown into an innovative, unique and industry relevant training and Service Provider in IT, Telecom, Electronics and allied Vocational Sector. Last decade has seen many changes so called Micro-revolutionary in various sphere.

     Though many IT majors have tall claims of causing IT literacy movement in India, much more is left yet to be reached out millions of rural talents are deprived of vocational and skill oriented training. Allured by spurious organizations many have shattered their dreams. Most Govt. Projects, People Centric Schemes measurably failed in meeting national objective.